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Alexia Noble

Alexia joined the Wang architects team as a designer after completing her professional degree at Texas A&M University. Before joining GWA, Alexia has a background in working in the design world as an architectural intern, product designer, and social media coordinator. She is dedicated to bettering the lives of others through intentional relationships and believes architecture is one of the greatest conduits to do so.


Her passions for sustainability, forward thinking and meaningful architecture began as she studied environmental design. Alexia was born and raised in Colleyville, Texas. Her family moved from Poland as teenagers and have since fully embraced the Lonestar spirit. While at Texas A&M, she held several leadership positions in different organizations. Alexia developed a deep love for historical architecture as she studied under the Barcelona Architecture Center in Spain. There, she fell in love with the rich culture and the unlikely, but captivating, unity of historical design and modern architecture. 

Alexia recently got married in December 2021. She and her husband, Brett, live in Cedar Park now. They enjoy hiking, camping, playing with their dog Franklin and reading in coffee shops. 

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P: (512) 819. 6012


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