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Chicago History Museum Installation

Chicago, IL

Celebrating the 150 year anniversary of the Chicago HIstory Museum, Wang was commissioned to design a traveling exhibit honoring 150 of the most influential figures in Chicago's history. The first installation took place at the museum itself. 

Hundreds of Chicago public school students submitted essays nominating candidates of their choosing. Of the hundred and fifty chosen, many were political leaders, spiritual leaders, and community leaders.

Students whose essays were chosen were photographed holding an image of their historic role models, representing our young hope for the future. 

This project was completed while Gary Wang was an Associate Professor of Architecture at Judson University. It was a collaboration between Mr. Wang as architect of Record, and with Louisiana State University students. 

Project Team

Gary Wang, AIA, Architect

Architect of Record


David Baird, Professor LSU

John Jacobs and John Porciau, Design + Construction Team

Photography by David Dejong

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