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City Post Chophouse

The design for this City Post Office exhibits our deep appreciation for the history of our nation. A contemporary take on the vivacity of the Roaring '20s, this 1930s post office is remodeled into a multi-purpose entertainment space that gestures to the past while embracing the modern age. 


This project honors the legacy of this structure, first as a federal post office built during the height of the Great Depression - prior to FDR’s New Deal - through its years as City Hall for the City of Georgetown. The palette follows the preferred solid tone of the decade, emphasizing the textures of the materials. We maintained elements such as the wood detailing, floorings, stone wainscotting, and railings from the original.

City Post embodies the emergence from the downturn, with a Chicago-style steakhouse on the ground floor and a ballroom on the second. One would almost expect to find a speakeasy tucked away in the basement. 

Project Team

Gary Wang, AIA, Principal Architect

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