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Lakeview Residence

A New House on Clear Lake, IA

When you look at properties on Clear Lake, you do not drive around on the streets; you get right into a boat. For sale signs, construction signs; they face the water instead of facing the house's 'front'. And most houses surrounding Clear Lake are houses that are somewhat conventional in design. They just happen to be on a lake, and really could be sited anywhere else. For this house, we instead sought to design a structure that would be specific to this lake on this site and provide views to the water from almost every room. 

The house is a 'V' shape in plan, with the master bedroom at the second floor with a thrust towards the lake. A walk-out terrace sits directly above a living room. The plan opens up to provide an outdoor terrace, served by an indoor-outdoor fireplace. Upon entry, the house provides a panorama of the water, overlooking a grand piano. A walkout basement has direct views to the water, and a funicular can carry you up and down the side of the steep hill. 

Click HERE to check out an interactive walk-thru of the project by North Iowa 3D LLC.


2800 SF

Project Team

Gary Wang, AIA, Principal Architect

Sonam Tsering

Zicheng Xu


Peterson Engineers, Structural Engineer

Tobin Custom Builders, INC, Contractor

Photography by Jordan Powers

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