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Office of Wang Architects

Renovation + new office space

We were fortunate to acquire our office building, before the world went crazy. After the building's origin in the 1960's as a flower shop, the structure fell into disarray with a number of businesses coming and going. These businesses were unsuccessful in many ways because the two main problems were architectural ones: First, as a narrow, long and linear space that runs deep into the block, the plan was confusing to occupants for space utilization. (They thought because of the linear nature of the space, they should follow suite with a long and linear furniture arrangement.) Secondarily - and possibly even more detrimentally to the occupants - the building lacked natural daylight as one moved away from the front and back windows. 

Instead of following a 'long and linear' solution, our design calls for a "space-binding" wall that weaves transversely through the space - creating useful places along the path from front to back. This wall defines reception, open work areas, and a conference room from the point of entry. Towards the back of the building, the wall creates the materials library, then utilitarian spaces such as a the restroom and kitchen. 

Skylights were added strategically throughout the space, along with a new roof. Glass walls allow maximum natural daylighting to flood the conference room and library. Remote shades allow the light to be cut off overhead when necessary. 

Project Team

Gary Wang, AIA, Principal

Zicheng Xu

Sonam Tsering

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