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Watkins Building Grand Opening
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Celebration 

The Watkins Building held a grand opening celebration on May 3, 2022. Located at 815 South Main Street, the building houses the Watkins Insurance Group, and a wine bar.

Situated between a c.1881 chapel and one of Texas’s most historic downtown squares, the Watkins Building was commissioned to be a structure that is both timeless and reflects contemporary practice. Permanence is communicated through using full brick modules; we detailed the building envelope so that not one brick would need to be cut in its construction. 

Originally intended to be adjacent to a c. 1881 chapel, we proposed and received permission for a land swap from the city. The change opens what would have been an alleyway for a pedestrian walkway between the Watkins Building and the chapel. The passage provides a connection between the two surrounding streets and small businesses and allows the building to flow from inside out, and vice versa. It was an honor to be invited to the grand opening and witness this design being fully utilized. 

Through working with the historic commission and city planners, we are proud to celebrate the creation of this new piece of architecture that is already establishing its own history.


Watkins Insurance

Project Team

Gary Wang, AIA, Principal

Sonam Tsering

ZiCheng Xu


MJ Structures, Structural Engineer

Steger Bizzell, Civil Engineer

Bay + Associates, MEP

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