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Yiding Wang


Yiding holds a Master's Degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science in China. Before joining Wang Architects, Yiding gained valuable experience working in Detroit and Shanghai. With these experiences, he gained insight into architecture as it relates to scale, building types, and cultural backgrounds.

Yiding's research provides a sensitive perception and scientific rigor towards the environment and nature. Yiding is committed to merging his experiences together and making design a means to complement the environment. At Wang Architects, Yiding is an important contributor to a new downtown project and numerous residences throughout Austin and Georgetown.

Outside of architecture, Yiding is an enthusiast of the outdoors. He loves hiking, gardening and wildlife. He is also a foodie who loves testing different recipes he collects and testing out different gourmet grocery stores. He also likes basketball, creating animations and playing the piano.

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P: (512) 819. 6012


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